DAB Digital Radio

    You can listen to Health Information Radio in the following areas on DAB Digital Radio by looking for HealthInfoRadio or Health in your DAB channel listing.

    • Aldershot
    • Brighton
    • Birmingham
    • Cambridge
    • Glasgow
    • Hove
    • London
    • Portsmouth
    • Manchester 
    • Norwich
    • Woking
    • Worthing

    We'd like to be heard in more locations, but we rely on the generosity of DAB transmission providers to donate capacity for our service.

    Your radio needs to be DAB+ compatible to pick up our broadcasts.

    We are grateful to all the local DAB transmission providers for supporting our service and helping get this important information out to you.


    Other Ways To Listen

    In Surrey and North Sussex you can hear us on DAB Digital Radio via our broadcast partners Podcast Radio who will be broadcasting an hour of our information at 10am, 1pm and 5pm each day.

    If you're self-isolated, you might want to see what other stations are available on these local digital radio multiplexes, as there's a mixture of community and music stations which will keep you entertained.  Keep Health Information Radio on a preset so you can find us again to get the latest updates.

    You can also listen online by selecting the "Listen Live" button.